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Vellux Blankets – A Favorite Amongst Americans

Vellux BlanketsVellux blankets have been a favorite amongst Americans for the past 40 years. The lightweight yet warm properties of a vellux blanket make it perfect for using on your bed all year round. If you have allergies, then this is the perfect blanket for you!

Blankets made with Vellux material are hypo-allergenic and can be washed repeatedly in hot water. The blanket will continue to get softer with each wash. Vellux is so soft and cozy and it is very durable lasting for several years. It is the ideal blanket for your bedroom or for cuddling on the couch on a cold winter evening.

Vellux blankets are perfect for the master bedroom, children’s rooms, guest room, living room, and whatever other room you like to cozy up in. Spread your vellux blanket on the grass next time you go for a picnic and enjoy a siesta under the sun or in the shade of a giant oak tree.

The fact that vellux is durable, soft, lightweight, hypo-allergenic, doesn’t pill, and gets softer with every wash, it would lead you to think this would be an expensive blanket. But it isn’t. Vellux blankets are inexpensive in comparison to many other blankets and you are getting quality that is unsurpassable.

The internet is the best place to purchase vellux blankets as the prices are unbeatable.We have gathered together for you an assortment of featured online retailers that are reputable and affordable. You will find whatever you need to finish your rooms just the way you want to without spending a fortune!

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