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Sateen Sheets – Smooth Sheets Made With High Quality Cotton

Sateen SheetsSateen sheets are the next best thing to silk or satin sheets. Sateen bedding is made of very high quality 100% combed cotton that is woven so closely that you get a sateen sheen. A sateen sheet feels luxuriously smooth and silky next to your skin. So much so, that you may not want to get out of bed in the morning. You may even find yourself looking forward to going to bed!! This may be why sateen bedding set is near the top of the list for luxury bed linens.

The highest quality cottons are Egyptian cotton and pima cotton. Sateen bed sheets and other sateen bedding are usually a combination of the two. However, sateen bed sheets made with 100% Egyptian cotton are the absolute best and probably most expensive you’ll find. When making sateen, the cotton threads are combed down and smoothed until they are very fine and soft. The cotton is then woven with a high thread count to make it more durable.

Not only is sateen used to make sheets with, it is also used to make jacquard bedding. Jacquard is a beautiful material available in a variety of patterns and colors that are nice to look at and soft to touch.

If you are looking for soft, luxurious, and easy to clean sheets, then you should definitely consider sateen bed sheets. They come in a variety of thread counts, some as high as 1200TC, but don’t stop there. Besides sateen fitted and flat sheets, you can also find royal sateen comforters, duvet covers, and matching sateen bed skirts and pillow shams. Shop the internet for a vast selection of sateen bedding at very affordable prices.

We have gathered together for you an assortment of featured online retailers that are reputable and affordable. You will find whatever you need to finish your bedroom just the way you want to without spending a fortune!

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