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Princess Bedding Sets Are Very Popular Right Now

Princess BeddingPrincess beds for toddlers or older children are very popular right now. It’s easy to see the appeal, isn’t it? Cute to the max, these beds are playful items that let parents encourage their daughters’ imaginations. Fun as they are, these beds are also an investment, both in terms of money and parenting.

Having raised 4 children myself, including 2 princesses, here is what you may want to consider before you pull out your wallet and take one of these sweet beds home to your castle.

– The good stuff first.

  • * We already talked about how cute princess beds are, and that is truly one of the main points of having one. These beds come in a range of a little bit of cute all the way up the scale to outrageously gorgeous. The price tags, of course, match the level of cuteness. Only you can decide how much “cute” is enough for your princess.

Even more important than cute is the imaginative play that can come from a princess (or any other) themed bedroom. Hours of castles, knights and adventures are sure to be encouraged by a princess bed.

  • * Something else to consider are the options you have in princess beds. Using a toddler bed usually means spending less since you are getting a smaller bed that generally will accommodate your crib mattress.

But if your daughter is ready (and some children are), transitioning directly to a twin size bed means buying only one princess bed that can be used for many years. If you choose a classic design, such as an iron bed, you will be able to happily redecorate as your daughter grows and the bed will still fit in nicely.

Or you can opt for a princess themed loft bed or play bed. These options will cost you more upfront but you immediately realize the added benefit of getting an entire play area as well as a bed, significantly increasing the value of your purchase.

Again, these options won’t work for every toddler. Think ahead a bit, consider your space requirements and any other siblings – younger or older – and you’ll make a decision that is a good fit for your family.

  • * A theme bedroom is not only cute, but can be used as a part of an intentional parenting plan. After all, we all like to think of our daughters as princesses and our daughters need to know that we care immensely about them.

A quick look at history reveals that being royal has its responsibilities as well as privileges. Your princess needs to know this truth, too, and the toddler age is a perfect time to begin building royal character. Things like humility, respect, honor and loyalty.

Now, a bed cannot do that, but as a mom or dad, you can. Your words, actions and yes, everything you bring into your home will have an effect on character building for your child. So it stands to reason that a bedroom – where your daughter will spend so much personal time as she grows – needs to work with your character building efforts.

A princess theme can do that beautifully, IF you are intentional about your parenting.

– Any problems with this royal idea?

  • * The first thing to keep in mind is that toddler beds have a short lifespan. As a parent myself, I love toddler beds. They take up less space, keep a toddler low to the ground in case she rolls out of bed during sleep time and makes use of the current crib mattress. Generally kids like them, too, feeling safe and cozy with a toddler bed’s raised sides.

But sometimes you need the crib mattress for another baby coming soon. Maybe your toddler is ready and eager to transition to a true “big girl bed” and you know she won’t have a problem with falling out.

If this is the case for you, then you’ll want to browse princess twin beds and forget the whole toddler bed phase.

  • * Picking a princess bed means you are definitely stuck with a royal theme for the time being. That can change faster than you might imagine.

Your toddler is probably fine about what you choose for her now, but what will you do when next year she’s totally interested in animals and thinks princesses are dumb? One clever idea is to move a royal zoo (think stuffed animals, posters, etc.) into the royal bedroom, but what if you’re not satisfied with that idea?

Will you feel as though you wasted your money on a bed that’s simply too narrowly themed?

  • * Growing a dictator instead of a princess.

This challenge is all too real these days. A parent thinks they are loving their child by providing her with amazing things, in this case a princess bed for a toddler. If the message to the child is “you are more important than anyone else” it’s a wrong and unhealthy message.

Remember to invest in relationships, not things. Make sure this special bedroom makes an inviting place to spend hours and hours while getting to know your growing daughter, listening to her heart and sharing your values with her.

Princess beds for toddlers are popular for good reason. Make your purchase for well thought out reasons and you are sure to be very happy with your decision for years to come.

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