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Pink Damask Bedding – Bring The Fresh

Pink Damask BeddingPink damask bedding sets has grown increasingly popular of late and is now available in sizes that will fit everything from babies’ cribs to king size beds. You may be unfamiliar with its formal name, but you are certain to recognize this classic pattern, which generally features images of flowers and intertwined leaves and vines. Better yet, many shoppers who assume that damask is only appropriate for those who favor more traditional looks are delighted to discover that this pink print is amazingly flexible.

Although the origins of damask are still in dispute, it is generally considered that this pattern of repeating botanical and/or animal images most likely started in China, making its way to India and Persia and ultimately a staple export of Damascus, Syria – consequently, the name Damask. The wealthiest classes of Europe were hungry for exotic fabrics, allowing the traders providing it to the affluent Europeans to charge an exorbitant price.


Jo Jo Designs

One of today’s leading makers of pink bedding, Jo Jo Designs, carries a line of pink damask sets of bedding. Two of these sets, in particular, offer the traditional vintage look and feel of damask, while using more contemporary, updated colors. The richness of dark chocolate in combination with pink and turquoise have come together in the Bella Pink and Bella Turquoise set. Botanical patterns with a royal feeling on the bedding is just plain classic.

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It is hard to imagine an ideal bedroom without a perfect comforter & bedding set, for the elegance of the room relies totally on the beauty of it. A linen set can make your decorating project a success or a failure because it will help you set the tone for your cozy haven. If you are considering shopping online for that “just right” comforter set for your project, make sure that you compare quality and prices by narrowing the selection to only a few top candidates before making the final commitment.

Vintage pink damask bedding sets often feature classic elements and are an affordable way to make a bold statement on a tight budget. Unlike the impression gained from the sound of its name, established designs like pink damask and paisley are suited for colorful surroundings with contemporary furnishings.


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