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Medallion Bedding Sets – The Vintage Look

Medallion BeddingMedallion bedding is a sort of bedding that gives the look of distress, old and worn out. It gives out a kind of aged yet elegant look. The term “shabby chic” was first used by a 1980s interior design magazine. It describes a certain style of art that recycles older items yet does not completely revitalize them. It can also be used to describe the art where new objects are purposely distressed to show the unique look of old, worn out and shabby.

The medallion style can be a lot of fun to play with as it gives you the ability to recreate the tastefulness and the classiness of the sophisticated French chateaus, the boldness of the Bohemian era and the simplicity and practicality of the Shakers, all in one go.

The medallion bedding can and will be a lot of fun as it allows you to approach the decoration of a room in a completely new way, especially if the house or furniture is a bit old. This will prevent the bed from sticking out like a sore thumb, but in fact will aid in making the room look much more elegant and classy.

Medallion rooms are normally decorated with various objects that are really old, most probably passed down since fifty to sixty years ago but since then have been cleaned, revitalized and maintained so that the aging and worn out look is preserved. There are also furniture which are new but intentionally worn out and distressed by the creator.

The process of making things look old is call distressing and many designers use it to wear off paint, apply cracked varnish and even make knobs look worn out and features the unique look of antique.

As for comfort, there is no doubt that medallion beds are very comfortable too. If you are living in an older home with an antique and classic decor style then you should really check out the medallion design style, try out this new decorating scheme and you will be utterly delighted for sure.

Vintage Medallion Bedding Sets

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