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Floral Bedding Sets Just For You

Floral Bedding SetsIf you have a favorite flower and you want to see it even as you go to sleep, you can dress your bed in floral bed sheets that come in a variety of colors and prints. Such floral print bedding will allow you to go to sleep on your favorite flowers night after night. There was a time when this style of floral comforters could be seen on every women’s room, no matter what their age. But these days, the floral print girls bedding can usually be seen only in old folks’ bedrooms. However, this old design has been revived and has attracted a lot of people. The floral prints were made larger and more gorgeous, making them look modern. There are also designs that combine the flowers with geometric designs, making the bed sheets look more sophisticated.

Full Size Bedding Sets

You can have a lot more options in floral bedspreads because many of them are reversible, with different designs on each side. With it, you can redecorate your bedroom just by reversing the floral bedding sets. This is a new look for your bedroom with almost no effort from you. The most common design you can find have oversized prints decorating one side, while the other side is made with a solid color or with the same flower design in smaller prints. The chance to change the look of a bedroom without changing bed covers is really attractive to many people, because there is no extra cost involved. It can also be done in a hurry.

Black And White Floral Bedding Sets

There are even flower sheets that will look appropriate even if you are a man. Such floral teen bedding is made more masculine with the addition of stripes that are in blue, green or neutral colors. For women, the colors are also more feminine, such as lime green, lavender or maroon in addition to the traditional yellow, red and pink.

Bedding accessories such as pillow shams, decorative pillows, duvet covers, throws, etc. are various companies. These are featured with patchwork patterns or applique themes and are designed as per latest market trends.

Red And Black Bedding

If a more muted look is needed, then Martha Stewart has the Chantilly Brown & Aqua Blue floral bedding that is a little more affordable, but also offers the options of beautiful matching window treatments, and other decorative accents to add to your spring fling interior theme. This collection will probably run about three to four hundred dollars, by the time you add dust ruffles, and extra pillow shames. The combination of the antique white, and sea-mist colors are simply elegant and will be a warming and refreshing look for any bedroom. If you are optioning for the curtains, then separate curtain hardware will have to be purchased to install the panels.

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